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Ever heard of someone going back to prison for being 10 minutes late to a probation meeting?

#realpeople. #realstories.

Another true story of a broken system. 

Beyond absurd.

The human cost of technical violations is tragic.

Dive into the absurdity of technical violations that keep people trapped. The stories you uncover here will make you question our system and see why the need for reform is so vital. 

By the numbers.

The US incarcerates 5.5 million, with 42% entering for supervision violations. Shockingly, 57% of these are non-criminal, technical violations. We spend $295.6 billion annually on the criminal justice system. It's time to change the system and rewrite the narrative.

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Join us.

Join the movement for reform. Together, we can dismantle the trap doors that keep people cycling through the system. Your voice matters. Sign up now and be a part of real change.

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